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Trade hustling for harmony

Most people believe that motherhood is about how much you accomplish in a day but the happiest mothers are clear on what matters most and create systems to ensure the important things happen.

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Melissa K Lowe

Coach for Busy Moms

So many of us believe that the more we take care of others, the more fulfilled we will become. Years, sometimes decades later, we realize that we no longer know who we are or what makes us happy. That's why I'm here. As your coach, I'm here to remind you to prioritize yourself over the items on your never-ending to do list. Now is the time to understand what you value most while you push back on the fear of standing right at the edge of your comfort zone. Take my hand as you take a step forward towards a life you wake up excited about. Of course, it'll be scary but we'll do it together!

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You were calm, supportive, and positive in your demeanor. I noticed that you were good about keeping your facial expressions mostly neutral when I was sharing vulnerably, but I still felt your kindness and support. You also did a good job of being thoughtful in your responses, taking a pause before responding and avoiding qualifying statements/opinions. I felt that you really listened to what I had to say, and therefore, the questions you asked me and suggestions you made were very tailored to me. It felt like we were working together, more collaborative than instructive. I walked away feeling empowered and excited for making changes.

Heather W.

Our session felt like I was talking to a trusted long-time friend. Melissa, you are an excellent listener! Your tone is very comforting and reassuring. After listening, you were able to ask questions and provide comments that led me to clarity on the root of some concerns mentioned. Finally, the actionable steps and useful tips to plan/schedule make me more confident in the goal that I am working toward.

Moné H.

Empathy, clarity, patience, a good listening ear, interpretation, interpolation, revelation, a safe space, professionalism, joy, a sense of calm, genuineness, relatability, strength and support, encouragement to be who I am and yet be all I can be. I knew I was being heard and she made me feel like I could do absolutely anything, like I was championed and made arrangements to follow up so I don’t get off track. She called me phenomenal but that’s pretty much what she is as well. 12 out of 10 recommend.

Tao H.

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